Who we are

Millions of people live each day without basic needs met, and we want to change that!
Our goal is to partner with humanitarian organizations which see communities they work in suffering due to a lack of:

Clean Water
Proper Nutrition
Clean Air
Suitable Shelter
Medical and Dental Care

Basic Needs, Simple Solutions exists to provide projects that solve these problems,  thus empowering
communities and providing space for humanitarian organizations to continue their own work.
Bringing solutions to a community is more than observing the visible or obvious problems.
Taking time to talk with the community and see issues through their eyes allows us to bring solutions which will be sustainable.
Sustainability can only be achieved with community participation.  Each community is in a developmental process,
and it is imperative to recognize where it is in this process and walk alongside them for maximum effectiveness.
In doing this we empower the community from the inside out, thus avoiding dependencies.
This is why we partner with organizations who have relationships already in place as well as an
understanding of the needs as the community sees them.
Our goal is to provide the basics of life to those who do not have access to them.
Once these needs are satisfied, the communities can focus on further development, such as education.

For Money:
Would you please join us in our endeavour to meet the basic needs of people around the world with a monetary donation?
Basic Needs, Simple Solutions
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,  all donations are tax deductible.

For Labor:
Would you please join us in our endeavour to meet the basic needs of people around the world by joining us on a project?

A Peek into our Approach



Your contributions are the means to empowering underprivileged communities to make lasting and beneficial developmental change.



There is an evaluation process we go through with each project option. Key elements for success are communities which recognize and are willing to invest in a solution to their need, a committed NGO working alongside them and a project feasibility study.



A preliminary and exhaustively detailed site evaluation allows us to develop detailed plans and an accurate cost evaluation for each project. The quality of this initial step ensures the completion of each project.



The nature of our work is International Community Development. We have this core belief that everyone who desire such should have their basic needs met. Connecting our projects with financial partners who share in this idea of international community development brings our beliefs to fruition. To donate to our ongoing work click here. To choose a specific project click here.



Each project consists of community members, volunteers and project managers. The local partnering NGO organizes the community members not only for the project itself but for ongoing management. We organize the volunteer teams and project managers necessary and equip them with all the needed information for their experience.



Once the date is set, the project begins by staging the materials and equipment necessary so when the volunteer team arrives the project runs effectively to completion as scheduled.



When projects are completed we will deliver the outcome of the project along with photos via our blog page. The volunteers will also be offered the opportunity to write about their experience on our site.



The reality of our efforts. We continue to dialogue with the NGO partner after the project and a year later we revisit each project physically for a follow up evaluation report. If our initial evaluation was done correctly we will see a sustainable development alteration to their community.

Who we are

Mark C. Lynch

Mark C. Lynch

Executive Director

A graduate of Purdue University (B.S. 1994) and LaSierra University (M.A.R.S. 1997), Mark’s passion for helping young people led to serving as a youth pastor for 20 years.  Now his passion for those in need has become his new calling. Mark has led nearly two dozen short-term mission trips both internationally and domestically, most focusing on basic needs.  Mark serves as our Executive Director, emphasizing fundraising and team preparation.

Stephen B. Bliss

Stephen B. Bliss

Field Director

Steve has spent his entire professional life in community development and infrastructure.  For many years he was active in neighborhood redevelopment in Indianapolis, including co-founding Redevelopment Group, Inc.  In 2004 he relocated to Central America and began community development on the most basic levels. Working with indigenous peoples in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua. Creating simple solutions to water needs, clean air initiatives and shelter projects. Now back in Indianapolis, Steve’s focus is project evaluation and completion.